“Know Your Body” is the foundation of my philosophy of health and wellness. Health cannot be “given” to anybody –You have to acquire it.

It is a state of mind and my role is not only to be your COUNSELLOR at the time of induction of diet but also to be with you during your maintenance phase of dieting. It takes immense mental strength to refuse fast food which sends a signal of immediate gratification from your brain. It is only your mind which can overcome this emotion and take you through a path which leads to wellness- both physical and mental. Your body is at peace with your mind only through a healthy diet.

Every fingerprint in this world is unique. Likewise every single body is different. It has a unique composition. You have to know your body first-your need for food may be different from others. This is where I customize diet according to your needs and availability, and lifestyle. My diet comprises of ecofriendly natural products. My way of pocket-friendly methodical treatment based on customized needs has endeared me not only to celebrities but also to a simple teenager suffering from say PCOD or childhood obesity.

Women health issues have a particular place in my heart. It is necessary to look confident & smart to the outside world-whether it is for an office-goer or an 80 year old grandma at home. Looking good & healthy makes you elegant, boosts your self-esteem, and makes you look younger. Osteoporosis in menopausal women needs to be eradicated totally and this can only be done through proper diet.

Health consciousness brings about a sea of change in the attitude towards life. Be positive-wear this attitude –and your excess weight will be on the negative. Think not only about your EMI but also about your BMI-remember you pay for both in this world.

I believe in empowering the person so as to imbibe all the healthy practices in a life long journey. Health cannot be achieved overnight. It has to be learnt, followed consistently and passionately-quite simply one has to fall in love with being healthy.

Proper health & nutrition makes a person feel better about oneself and I strive relentlessly in my endeavor to treat each & every patient in a way so that they are in the best of their mind space. I feel in the profession that I am, it is more of a change in the state of mind of the patients besides the diet which improves the overall mental and physical characteristics of the person. I make it a point to go into the depth and analyze each and every patient meticulously in order to develop an emotional and mental connection with them. This makes my overall treatment process easier & gives me enough satisfaction to serve my clients better.