Diet for Diabetic Control

diabetesDiet for Diabetic Control

Sugar free diet is not the only world of diabetic diet. Calorie restriction and the degree of carbohydrate consumption along with the life style changes goes a long way in deterring the long term complications of diabetes like renal, retinal & neurological problem.

Diabetes mellitus type 1 occurs when the hormone insulin drops to significantly low level, resulting in excessive concentration of sugar or glucose in the blood. On the other hand Diabetes mellitus type 2 results from insulin resistance that is, the pancreas produces normal or even abnormally large amounts of insulin. Too much glucose concentration in blood can lead to serious health problems.

The main goal of diabetes management is to restore carbohydrate metabolism to closest normal state. While persons with absolute insulin deficit are given insulin injections, those with insulin resistance can be corrected by dietary modifications and exercise.

Diabetes management also includes prevention or treatment of the many complication resulting from the disease itself.