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          Think not only about your EMI but also about your BMI-remember you pay for both in this world.

Nutritionist Reshmi Roy Chowdhury needs no introduction. She is a highly renowned celebrity Nutritionist and columnist. She holds a master’s degree in Food & Nutrition from one of the best universities in India. She has been in active clinical practice since 1992 with an experience in the field of nutrition spanning more than a quarter of a century. Her research work in the field of preventive health care has helped many more than 5,00,000 patients to reap the benefits of non–drug therapy. Reshmi’s subtle, methodical treatment based on the customized needs have been accepted very positively by her clients. She has been able to successfully treat lifestyle problem like obesity, PCOD, infertility, digestive disorder, high cholesterol, diabetes, cardiac problems, menopausal complaints, sexual disorder, child health problems, old age health problems etc. with proper nutrition, diet and counselling. Reshmi’s clientele include reputed names in Indian cinema like Smt. Aparna Sen, Director. Late Rituparno Ghosh, actors Dev and Koel Mullick to name a few. She writes frequently in several national dailies like The Times of India, The Indian Express, The Telegraph, Ananda Bazar Patrika etc on health issues besides appearing as guest speaker in leading TV channels like ZEE TV, TARA NEWS, STAR ANANDA etc. She is a regular nutritionist with different beauty competitions like Sananda Tilottama and Srimati since last ten years which the organizers feel are virtually incomplete without her gracious presence. She has successfully done several workshops in India and Bangladesh on (i) Weight management especially obesity control. (ii) Diet for wellness. (iii) Women and child health problem (iv) Ageing gracefully. She has been successfully treating her clients and offering need based customer services with specific body requirements which also include: (a) Toned look (b) Belly reduction (c) Lower body reductions which are specifically required for those in the profession of modeling.An important aspect of her treatment is treating PCOD, infertility and menopausal complication. She feels Diet and Nutrition is now about reaching the masses – the population at large .It is time we start thinking of women at 40 – the premenopausal women whose osteoporotic changes have just started. In spite of so much sunlight in our country about 40% of Indian women suffer from osteoporosis, an epidemic in the years to come. Usher the change and start a diet today which can give you a more fruitful and active ageing. Reshmi feels that the mental healing process & diet have become equally important and should complement the medicines. Thus, she makes an effort to integrate all these factors into her treatment to give a complete solution to her patients in the form of  1. More enjoyable Conjugal life 2. Confidence Enhancement & 3. Retaining Youthfulness. Her popularity soared and her name has spread far & wide through her loyal client base, who have referred her to family members & friends. Presently her clients are spread in every nook & corner of the country and abroad. Most of her clients have been through referrals of patients who have been thoroughly happy with her treatment. Each & every client is very special to her and she gets immense pleasure and mental satisfaction to change their state of mind through her caring & friendly attitude.